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Company with many years of experience in Forex and Crypto exchanges.

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2.00% Guaranteed
daily income
  • total profit80%
  • 50 USDminimum deposit
  • 250000 USDmaximum deposit
  • 40 b.daysduration
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145% Guaranteed
income at the
end of term
  • total profit45%
  • 50 USDminimum deposit
  • 250000 USDmaximum deposit
  • 20 c.daysduration
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01 About company our professional
& experienced team

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who has never heard of exchange trade or making money on differences in exchange rate and value of shares. For the last decade, Crypto Trading has become one of the top-picks of exchange trade or maybe even its leader. One can endlessly debate on crypto but its fast growth and high volatility (compared to fiat currencies) opened massive opportunities for earning money.

Crypto trading, in other words, crypto trading is basically opening or closing a position to buy or sell a token of one or another digital currency. Today, anyone can make trading transactions with crypto, however, even the most experienced brokers and professionals in this sector are not immune to force majeure situations, change of trends and abrupt changes in exchange rates. is a company with many years of experience in Forex and Crypto exchanges. The well-coordinated and diligent work of our team of traders, analysts, IT-specialists, as well as the right strategies of investment distribution is the key to a successful company.

02 5 reasonsto trust us

Investment safety 1

Strategies based on risk minimization and obtaining maximum benefits, as well as efficient algorithms for protection of the personal data of each user are the key to investment security.

Team of professionals 2

The close-knit team of the Company consists of the best experts in their field. We managed to form an integral community consisting of analysts, traders, managers, economists - a community of professionals in their field of expertise.

24/7 support 3

In turn, we provide every customer with round-the-clock technical support. Our operators are ready to solve problems quickly and provide necessary information at the time convenient for you.

Unlimited investment term 4

We did not create any certain time limits and restrictions, so everyone has the right to choose independently for what period of time they want to cooperate with our company.

Guaranteed profit 5

Stable payouts and guaranteed profit are Company's main obligations in respect to its investors.

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Officially registered
company is an officially registered company with the Companies House registration number: 111222233444 D-U-N-S Number: 11-222-3333

03 Investment plans our flexible
investment offer

Investment details

Investment openness and availability for all comers have always been the main objectives of our activities and will remain so in the future.

We offer two investment plans for our partners to choose from: 2.00% daily 40 business days and 145% after 20 calendar days. Profit accrual depends on the investment plan of your choice and is made on a daily basis or after a twenty-day period from the deposit creation. Profit is automatically accrued to your personal balance under the condition of an active deposit. Each registered user has a right to create unlimited number of deposits.

Profit obtained through investment can be withdrawn at any moment that suits you.

Withdrawal requests are processed immediately, the minimum amount permitted for withdrawals is 1 USD with dollar and 3 USD with crypto.

Here is the detailed description of investment plans:

  1. Net profit:
  2. Minimum deposit:
    50 USD
  3. Maximum deposit:
    250000 USD
  4. Profit accrual:
    Monday - friday
  5. Profit distribution:
  6. Investment duration:
    40 business days
  7. Deposit return:
    Yes (return at the end)
  1. Net profit:
  2. Minimum deposit:
    50 USD
  3. Maximum deposit:
    250000 USD
  4. Profit accrual:
    All days
  5. Profit distribution:
  6. Investment duration:
    20 calendar days
  7. Deposit return:
    No (included your profit)

  • 2.0% Daily 40 business days
  • 145.0% After 20 calendar days
Daily Profit: 1.0 USD Total Return: 51.0 USD Net Profit After 1 Days: 1.0 USD
make deposit
  • 7% level 1
  • 3% level 2
  • 1% level 3

04 Referral program for partners
and representatives

Each registered user automatically becomes our partner. Distribute your referral link among your friends and acquaintances and get an extra profit under the referral program. also offers its investors a four-level referral system with the opportunity of becoming a company representative in their region. The representative status implies your direct participation in the work of the Company.

Become a representative
  • 10% level 1
  • 4% level 2
  • 2% level 3
  • 1% level 4
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