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01 How it works? get started

  • 1 Create A Crypto Wallet

    The first and foremost is the choice of a crypto wallet for the further cooperation with our website. For many years of crypto existence there has been formed an entire infrastructure, which provides a wide opportunity of buying and selling crypto.

    The most popular services are Blockchain, Coinpayment, and Armory Wallet. If you have already opened a wallet and you have managed to acquire your own share of digital cash, you can skip this step.

  • 2 Register Your Personal Account

    To get registered at our website, just follow the link in the top menu and then follow the instructions. A simple and user-friendly registration procedure requires your personal data, email, password, and payment details.

    Having filled in all necessary fields and confirmed your agreement with Terms and Conditions, click 'Create Account' button and follow the further instructions. Pay attention to correctness and accuracy of data you enter, including your email.

    Note! Don't pass your personal information to the third parties.

    Create Account    Video Tutorial
  • 3 Deposit Creation

    If registration procedure went correctly, you get access to your personal account. Go to 'Make Deposit' section in the top menu of the website, specify your available amount, select a payment system, click 'Spend' and follow the instructions. When creating a deposit, you will need an amount from 50 USD in your personal wallet or on your account balance.

    You can create an unlimited number of deposits.

    Make deposit    Video Tutorial
  • 4 Receive Profit & Withdrawal funds

    When the investment procedure is over, you will get an active deposit that will accrue 2.0% daily 40 business days or 145% after calendar 20 days from the amount of your initial deposit. When you get a sum sufficient to be withdrawn (minimum withdrawal sum amounts to 1 USD with dollar and 3 USD with cryptocurrency), you can easily withdraw the obtained profit to your personal wallet.

    To withdraw digital cash, go to 'Withdrawal Funds' section and enter the required amount and payment system, just as you did for creating a deposit. The Company rules allow the possibility of profit withdrawal on a daily basis.

    Remember that by distributing your personal referral link to your friends and acquaintances you get an extra profit under the referral program.

    Withdrawal Funds    Video Tutorial
  • 5 Partner Program

    We value the partners who actively help us grow and advance the company. Share your referral link to invite your friends and family and become a part of our referral program. Get a reward every time your referral makes a deposit.

    Commission level for partner program: 7% - 2% - 1%.

    Referral Program

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